Guest Lecturers

Lets Talk Over Dinner

Dinner & Conversation with GUEST LECTURERS

Once a week, a Guest Lecturer is invited to join the resident group for dinner, conversation and studio visits. Past Guest Lecturers have included: Marcus Young, Sarah Schultz, Sam Gould, Cameron Gainer, Kinji Akagawa, Jan Estep, Abinadi Meza, and Matt Olson.

2012 residents with Cameron Gainer
2012 residents with Cameron Gainer

2014 Guest Lecturers

Sam Gould founder of art collective Red76 and editor of The Journal of Radical Shimming

Sara Schultz Director of Education and Curator of Public Practice at the Walker Art Center

Marcus Young – conceptual and behavioral artist

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2013 Guest Lecturers

Matt Olson from Ro/Lu

Abinadi Meza (AUSTIN)

Swedish Film Artist Maria Norrman

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2012 Guest Lecturers

Kinji Akagawa

Cameron Gainer

Jan Estep