The Social Studio

  • Residency Images

    A series of residency images from 2012 and 2013

    This discursive art residency bridges the gap between academia and the real world. It is a place for serious artists of rigor to step back from the Hustle and take time for experiment and research. Ideas, like people, sometimes need a second chance to find their groove. Give them three. Give them ten.

    Intersecting with local MSP art centers such as the Soap Factory, the Walker Art Center, Bindery Projects, Open Field, and Northern Spark, this residency remains independent of any one institution.

    Ten Chances is not an escape, but an opportunity. Next year, we'll be moving it international! Founder and coordinator Patricia Healy McMeans begins a sister residency in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) in 2015, with additional cities to be added in future years.