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  • Ten Chances 2015 – Part Two - Minneapolis

    Ten Chances No Hustle Summer 2015

    Part Two 

    Summer 2015 residency, 07-15 September in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

    The first several days of the residency, 07-09 September, will situate itself at Night Owl Farm in North Branch, MN hosted by Rosie Kimball and Susan Andre.

    The remaining dates, 10-20 September, HQ will reside in NE Minneapolis, hosted by Cameron Gainer.

    The Part Two Summer Residency is an examination with concepts of location. To mimic the model in Scotland, the residency will begin with a rural location. The residents will regroup in NE Minneapolis for the remainder of the residency with HQ residing in NE Minneapolis.

    Stephanie, Andy, and Collette each participated in the Edinburgh residency. Derek and Drew, each local Minneapolis artists have been invited to act as hosts. Stephen, the third addition, is coming from Edinburgh, but was not a part of the initial summer residency. Each artist brings a unique experience to the residency in Minneapolis.

    Artists' in Residency

    Directed and facilitated by Patricia Healy McMeans